Refrigerator Repair Tips: Things To Know Before Buying A New Home Appliance Refrigerator

If you plan to buy a new fridge for your home, you are probably a bit unnerved about what to do and where is to start. Well, we have all the vital information you need to buy a new refrigerator. Read on and we are sure you will have no trouble finding the right household appliance.

Difference between built-in and freestanding refrigerators

Most people prefer freestanding refrigerator to built-in refrigerator. Before you navigate the fridge market, it is important to know the difference between the two, especially if you are looking for the best options for your house. Most people prefer using freestanding refrigerators because they are easy to install. All you have to do is plug it into an outlet and the machine is ready to use.

Built-in refrigerators are usually fixed into the cabinet. They can be easily fixed into the space available and covered with a paneling to match the interiors. You can also select counter-depth freestanding refrigerators that have a built-in look. These machines are sallow and they don’t stick out of the counter-top, which gives it a custom look.

Orientation Options

Do you want to buy a freezer drawer below refrigerator for your home? Or do you prefer the side-by-side model? Or do you still love the classic model? Figure out which model suits you, your budget, your space, and your decor the best. If you suffer from lower back pain, you could opt for the freezer drawer below model because it will cut down the bending.

Important Features

Take a good look at your existing refrigerator and make a note of things that you like about the residential appliance and also make a note of the features you wish you had. According to Alexandria VA Appliance Repair Techs Ice maker may be important to you but some European models that are available in the US may not have it. Make sure the model you buy has all the features you need. But remember, the model that has all the features you need may not be cheap.

Check the Dimensions

Most people don’t realize that fridge usually take up more space than they anticipate. You have the actual unit and the machine needs space behind it to vent out heat. The “breathing” space required by the residential appliance can be usually found in the user manual. When measuring the space required, make sure you keep some extra space for easy operation of the machine.

How the fridge door open

When selecting a refrigerator, make sure you have enough space to open and close the refrigerator door easily like refrigerator repair new york suggests. If limited space is available, it may be difficult for you to keep and remove your stuff from the machine. If the doors open only one way, you may have crane your neck to keep your stuff inside the fridge. It is best to get doors that are reversible and make sure you specify which way you want the door to open.

Energy Efficiency

Most new machines are more energy efficiency when compared to their old counterparts. That being said, make sure you check the energy star rating so you get a machine that reduces your energy bills.


Several manufacturers offer extended warranty on their machines. This is likely to reduce your repair and service bills. If the manufacturer does not offer extended warranty, you could get in touch with an appliance repair company when the company warranty expires. These companies usually have technicians such as washer repairman, dryer repairman, dishwasher repair technician, and of course refrigerator technician, who will visit your place and repair your appliance.