Safeguard Both Your Fridge And Finances By Knowing When It’s Time To Call A Refrigerator Repair Company For Your Refrigerator Repairs

Any time that your fridge isn’t working like it should is a time where you need to move quickly in order to save your food from spoiling. Few things are as distasteful as throwing away food that you spent a fortune on at your grocery store. An intrepid homeowner can fix many things on their own, but not always. Save your money and your fridge by knowing 5 situations where you need to have a refrigerator repair technician show up.

If your fridge stops working all of the sudden, then you need refrigerator near me professional help. Before you do that, the troubleshooting you want to do relates to the power cord. Make sure it’s plugged into the wall securely, and look over the whole length of the cord. Any damage or frayed wiring means an immediate service call.

A second situation necessitating professional repair service is when it begins making strange noises. Most refrigerators make a little noise in routine operation, as you hear it starting up or shutting down. On the other hand, if you hear bangs, clunking, or knocks, and it’s not your ice-maker, then the compressor might need attention. Also, high-pitched screeches could be the fan. Repairs like these are not DIY projects, as they have the possibility of serious danger.

Is your fridge not keeping things cold anymore? Start your troubleshooting by checking the dial inside to be sure the settings weren’t changed. Keep in mind that higher numbers indicate a colder fridge. Switch your dial upwards several notches, and then check back several hours later to see if it’s better. You might also have evaporator coils frosted over on the backside. If this happens, unplug your fridge and melt off any ice using a hairdryer from a safe distance. Plug it back into the socket and then wait a while. If none of these is your culprit, call a refrigerator repair Paterson professional.

Alternatively, it might not be failing to keep things cold but is instead freezing them. Milk and veggies might demonstrate this before other foodstuffs. Lower your dial to see if things lighten up a bit, or even put a thermometer inside to double-check things for yourself. Once more, if your troubleshooting here is ineffective, you need a repair technician to save your time and food.

Do you ever find water inside your fridge? What about the surrounding floor? It’s likely a clogged defrost drain. Whatever it is, you need to deal with it, because the moisture can damage your home. That’s on top of being an obvious safety issue. You might be able to clean out your own drain if you have a side-by-side unit. However, if you have a model with a top or bottom freezer, then the drain is probably hidden inside, meaning you can’t get to it unless you have the right tools and training. Refrigerator repair professionals do have those!

Now that you’ve read all of this, you know not 1 but 5 different situations where you’re better off calling a refrigerator repair company, if the listed troubleshooting fails you.